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Thursday, September 28, 2006

California/France Swap Complete!

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Charlene California, USA
Swapper2: Emma Lille, France

Original French art goes to California.
A little bit of France came my way yesterday! Some original artwork from Emma, a French postcard, candy (whose wrappers I think I can actually read! Yay, for my high school French!), and, of course, some Nici! Yes, that's a world cup souvenir keychain, and isn't the monkey cute? If you can see the artwork (my other photos aren't very clear), it is entitled, "Nous vous observons: anti-terrorism takes many strange forms." I can't wait for my labmates to come back from the field so that I can share it with them; they'll love it!
These packages have made me remember my romp through Europe a few years back: the beautiful art, delicious food, and amazingly rich cultures. . . .sigh, maybe in an other year or two, I'll be able to make it back again.
Thank you Emma for sharing a little bit of France with a Californian. I hope you like your package as much as I like the one you sent me! As you can see from my picture, Emma's artwork was on exhibit for a few minutes at the Berkeley Art Museum. :)

US friend gets to France.
Charlene's parcel was a little powerhouse of a package but packed with joy. Not everything is in the photo. She made my new purple friend herself, I now know the meaning of someone to hang out with.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

France/California Love-fest complete

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Rachel California, USA
Swapper2: Emma Lille, France

France sends love to
Emma from Australia who lives in Lille, France is just AMAZING! I cannot believe how intuitive she was on my style and personality!
She sent me the most YUMMIEST chocolate on earth! One was with candied nuts and sea salt - the other with candied pears. They were just heavenly. I also received french nougat. The best though were her GORGEOUS prints - SHE IS AN AMAZING ARTIST. I am taking them in to be professionally framed. I am an artist and she sent me the BEST collection of ephemera for my work. One of which included a series of religious costumes! In addition she sent me a BOOK on chocolate! OOOOooooo and the bitchin' postcards of people in mourning are SO going to be framed. EMMA ROCKS!

California returns the favour
This photo with Le Petit Quinquin is from Rachel Rifat in Hollywood.
Ahh, le petit quinquin, comme tu est beau dans tes nouvelles vêtements!
Dors, min p'tit pouchin
Min p'tit pouchin
Min gros rogin!
Te m'f'ras du chagrin
Si to n'dors point j'qu'a d'main
Rachel went to the museum and went crazy, I go music, chips, a zooscope... le list goes on! I decided that a Le Petit Quinquin needed some overhauling. I missed some real tourists taking their photo.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Canada/France Swap Complete!

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Teresa Canada, North America
Swapper2: Emma France, Europe

France to Canada

I climbed a tree for you, GYS!
This was a surprise swap - I received the package from Emma before I was even ready to mail out hers. She gave me a whole bunch of great surprises, including: a little button with a bird silhouette on it (perfect for a project I'm working on right now!), some pamphlets from the opera and some museums, four balls of yarn, a mix cd with various French songs, some soap, 2 types of chocolate (which didn't last long!), a blue Paris rain poncho (seen here already hard at work on a windy September afternoon in Ontario!) and a Cuisine de Vins de France magazine (seen here being poured over while in my new rain poncho and standing on my front lawn). Thanks so much Emma, this was great :)
[Thanks for the great pic, Teresa! - Bosses]

Canada to FranceOh dear, not the most exciting image... but most of the things have been distributed over the house since I took this photo.
So this is perhaps half an hour after I opened the package, I found a tea I hadn't drunk for ages and promptly made a cup (see in photo). It was a lovely mix of gallery info and images, plus a knitting pattern, which I found kind of funny.
So, thanks

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Intra-USA Swap Complete!

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Lori Boston, USA
Swapper2: Gayla Kentucky, USA

All the way from Kentucky to Boston
Boston and Kentucky have achieved a regional craft swap. I sent my new friend Gayla quilting fabric, patterns and notions and I received TONS of beads and three fantastic custom made rubber stamps. Note the cat stamp (in front of the picture of the cats - that it was created from)! I am IN LOVE with the stamps - especially the cat stamp. BTW, that is Badcat and T-Bone (left to right.) I am so pleased, so tickled and so grateful - what a terrific experience.
I'm attaching my photo of GYS happiness.
Best regards from sunny Boston,

And all the way from Boston to Kentucky
Lori at Moda di Magno and I did a little swap. I am so happy with the results.
1. Teddy bear pattern, eyes, noses, and rotating joints.
2. Great fabrics in several colors.
3. Trims and Tapes.
4. A little book with great embroidery patterns for Crazy Quilts.
5. A Beautiful bracelet.
It was a great swap and I am already almost finished with a tote using several of the print fabrics.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Victoria/Michigan Finally Complete!

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Melissa Michigan, USA
Kwoozy Victoria, Australia

Victoria's goodies reach Michigan
I'm very late in posting this! Some time ago (July?), Kwoozy and I agreed to send swap packages in mid-August. She sent hers early, so that tells you how late I am! There were other fun things, but my favorite is the tape! I've already used them on packages, and get such a fun feeling when I do. Also in the package were a ton of Japanese candies, plus rice crackers for John. I feel like I'm forgetting something, which is why I shouldn't delay posting pics and comments!

Michigan's finest goes to Victoria
This is the package from crazycatladymel Melissa via GYS. In the package were trim, 2 pieces of fabric, bag patterns and a few other bits and pieces. The best things for me were the patterns which are expensive to buy here.
I sent her various Jap and Aussie candies, cute packaging trim and a piece of cat print fabric in return. So as you can see, no cats were harm in the entire process. Thank you Mel!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Those cats are back! Sweden/Japan Complete!

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Anjali Japan, Asia
Malin Sweden, Europe

Swedish stuff arrives in Japan
When I opened up my swap package from Malin in Sweden, I had a smile as big as I imagine Moomintroll would be in real life. (And that's big.) That's because everything in the envelope was fantastic, from the book about recrafting old wool sweaters, to the colorful fabrics and everything in between, most especially the handmade Moomin crafts!
All of it, especially the cool-looking map of Stockholm, makes me want to visit Sweden sometime soon. Is everyone there as fashionable as the girls in the sweater-crafts book and as cheerful as Malin? Maybe not, but even if they're only half as fashionable and cheerful, I'd still be happy.

Japanese Stuff arrives in Sweden
If you look really hard, beyond the curious cat, you may see some of the lovelyness I got from Anjali in Japan. There´s a book, Handmade Zakka, some pretty fabrics and buttons and some Japanese KitKats (the Aussie KitKats tastes better, but these are more fun!). I loved the package, thanks a lot Anjali!

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Germany/California Swap Complete

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Phyllis California, USA
Siggi Germany, Europe

From Germany to California
My package from Siggi in Germany finally arrived. The postal service here has been very slow lately. What an incredible package it is! There was so much great stuff in the box I had a hard time getting it all in the picture: a whole bunch of beautiful yarn, several knitting books and magazines, German snacks (check out the soccer--aka football--pasta!), a German postcard book and some little souvenir cards that I think are a game, and some of Siggi's gorgeous handmade cards. She even included some treats for Ruthie, and as you can see from the picture, Ruthie is intrigued!
This was such a fun swap! Thanks for organizing!

From California to Germany
I got my first Gimme Your Stuff package from Phyllis from the States. I was very surprised as I opened it: so many goodies: wool, magazines and candies. WOW!!!! It was very interesting to look over the knitting magazines because I never had an american one in my hands. Now I have a lot of them for my own. The yarn is very cool, because I make postcards and I am always looking for new yarn. The very best are the candies. So many different flavours. Yummy!!!! Phyllis, you made my day, a big thank you to you.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Germany/Portugal Swap Done!

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Siggi Germany, Europe
Swapper2: Tania Portugal, Europe

From Portugal to Germany
I made swap with Tania Ho from Portugal and I get her stuff and she gets mine. It was a very interesting swap, because I get a french and a portugese magazine. It is so great to see what is hip on the crafts market in different countires. The tea is from my favourite tea company and the sweets (Malt whisky Fudge) are great. I have really fun with these swaps.

From Germany to Portugal
Siggi sent me two great crafts magazines, and I particularly like the easy fashion magazine patterns for this fall, hopefully I'll have the time to make a few. And the tea and candies are always, always welcome (and they don't usually last long in our household).

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Yet another attempt at getting some interesting pics!

Hello friends and countrymen, it's all going crazy here in the wonderful world of Gimme! So many swaps going on, so many new members... insanity. Imagine how good it'd be if we GOT SOME INTERESTING PHOTOS FROM YOU PEOPLE!! We all love reading about everyone's great swaps, but they'd be so much better if we could see some creative pics! Our photos are coming from all over the world, so lets show that. You could go outside and take a picture of your swap items near a cultural landmark like this, or get a shot of the items with your flag like this... how about a picture of yourself, friends or family using the items like this, this or this? We here at Gimme are united in a vision of the future where photos of piles of groceries never arrive in the Gimme Inbox.
Here's hoping...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Canada/New Mexico swap FINALLY complete!

Swap Details:
Swapper1: JenBen New Mexico, USA
Swapper2: Teresa Canada, North America

Feared lost, Canadian package found in New Mexico
So at the beginning of August, I agreed to do a cultural swap with a very nice person in Canada (I believe the Toronto area). She received her goodies some time ago but the package bound for the southwest kept not arriving. Tee Gee, my swapping buddy, was already gathering a new package of stuff for me, fearing that the package was lost forever. (Isn't she sweet?) Then at the end of the week, a package arrived! Yay! It had wonderful things in it including the cutest material, some dragonfly ribbon, a Canadian patch, some beautiful beads, a jar of jam, a box of tea and some canadian candy! However, the two packages of candy were empty, I swear! I think it was those adorable little kitties on the material that broke into the gummi fruit and smarties (very different from US smarties). I mean, how else can I explain the missing candy? Certainly I did not eat all the candy as soon as the package got here! And I can only assume that the jam arrived intact because those little kittens did not have the dexterity to open the jar.
Anyway, thanks Tee Gee for all the wonderful Canadian treasures! I love them all!

Meanwhile, this New Mexican package has been in Canada for ages...
Jen sent me a wonderful package - as soon as I opened the box I could smell the amazing soaps she sent (Juniper and "Mother Earth"). I also got 4 different printed fabric pieces, some "Honest Tea" and a cd! (not to mention to cans of Green Chilis - I can't wait to try them)! Teresa

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Australia/Sweden Swap Success!

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Malin Sweden, Europe
Kwoozy Victoria, Australia

Aussie Stuff arrives in Sweden
This came in a huge bag from Kwoozy in Australia. It was the package that never ended - everytime I opened up a bag, there were more great stuff! Kwoozy definately fulfilled every kawaii dream I could possibly have had. The stationary is exactly the cute Japanese type I love, the candy was yummy, the bags were wonderful... And then she made me some felt sushi - what's not to love?! I'm counting the days until the next package arrive!

Swedish stuff arrives in Australia
A couple of moose-y (what is the plural?) from Malin have landed. They also come with some cute turtle and owl friends. The owl embroidery is on a small tote plus it is handmade by Malin. All I can say is WOW!
They are part of the swap package via Gimme Your Stuff. She also send me fabulous fabric that reflects the Swedish mentality and love of nature. I just love Swedish design - simple and so beautiful! Also in the package was coffee and some vintage trim. The whole package here:
Thank you very much Malin!

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Victoria/California Swap Finito!

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Babs California, USA
Kwoozy Victoria, Australia

Victoria's goodies reach California
Kwoozy's package from Australia arrived today!!
What fun from the land down under!! Kwoozy sent a lovely tee with the Aussie flag, candies (including the ever important Crunchie bars), two little furry friends (a koala & an echidna - though I think echindas are more spiky in real life), and my favorite: a little tablecloth (tea cloth) about things found in Victoria.
I used to eat Crunchie Bars when my childhood friend would mail them to me when she went home to Australia. She's since grown up & moved away, and I've been pining for these super sweet treats ever since.
THANK YOU, Kwoozy for sharing a little piece of Australia with me. I've been dying to go for a visit some day, particularly since I'm always meeting such cool & wonderful Aussies during my travels. Some day...some day! =)

California's finest goes to Victoria
And from sunny California, is this lovely package from Babs. She sent me pretty fabrics and the cutest buttons. I am already envisioning fabulous things to make with them. Alright, they are fabulous in my mind, knowing me, they could turn out otherwise. No matter, I now have a good luck Japanese kame charm. I am supposed to keep the turtle in a coin purse, but I think I may put in on the sewing machine instead - a cute motivation for me to try again when the lines are not straight and the wrong corners are sewn :) Babs also sent me a ribbon, a colourful pen and a written note on a San Fran postcard. Thank you very much Babs!

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Sweden/California Swap Complete

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Babs California, USA
Malin Sweden, Europe

Swedish literature heads to California!
What timing! The day after Malin received the package I sent her, I received the package that she sent to me!!
Such excitement: Malin sent me an illustrated children's book, postcards, candy, a key chain, Swedish army chapstick, and a Dalecarlian horse pin. I especially liked how Malin included a letter telling me all about all the things she got me, particularly about the storyline of the book! The illustrations are quite fun.

Japanese stuff from California to Sweden
This lovely package came my way from Babs in California, who had the kindness to send me a Japanese craft book, a cloth bag (very nice!), a Hello Kitty coinpurse and some candy and snacks. Pockys are the best invention, some, like these coconut flavoured are sooo delicious, and some, like strawberry, are not, so buying are like an adventure - you never know what
you'll get. Thank you, Babs, for this experience of Japan in west coast USA!

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

California/Sweden Is Go For Launch

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Catherine California, USA
Malin Sweden, Europe

Sweden to California Complete
Receiving the package from Malin was like experiencing Christmas in August. The bright yellow padded envelope accented with hello kitty stickers smelled of coffee and it was bulging with the corners of objects I would soon uncover.
When I tore apart the lip of the envelope to free the contents inside from there on it seemed like a bottomless package of Swedish goodies! There were spices and sweets, a set of cookie cutters and a cookbook, and several packets of powdered mixes for dessert and side dishes. She was even thoughtful enough to include a hand-written and sticker decorated "how-to" note describing each content, when and how she's accustomed to preparing it in Sweden. Too cute. I felt like I was just given a rainbow palette and I didn't know where to begin!
There it is. The Swedish loot in all it's glory just waiting for me to put it to good use. Thank you Malin for the wonderful package! I look forward to the day my home smells of Swedish cooking.
Read more here.

California to Sweden Complete
This is the wonderful bag that Catherine in LA promised to some lucky swapper. Which turned out to be me! She filled it with nice chocolates from Trader Joe's (the packages were even better than the chocolates! I love pretty packages!) and some very sneeky gum. I loved the package, thanks a lot Catherine! I look forward to tha next time, I'm already thinking about how to fill my next package...

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Japan & California Share the Love

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Charlene California, USA
LuLu Japan, Asia

From Japan to California
I got a package from Lulu, and I absolutely loved it!
I'm learning so much about culture doing these swaps. I had asked for a craft book, and I learned what Zakka was (cute things for your home). Along with the book came some beautiful Japanese fabric (the instant background of my picture is one of the fabrics she sent, which I intend to make into a bag), some snacks, a mixed CD, CUTE postcards, a beautiful swirly pen, a lucky cat (which is peaking out from behind the fan with me), a pretty pouch, Japanese socks, a button, and (obviously) a Japanese fan!

From California to Japan
Yesterday i received my first package in the mail from Charlene in California via Gimme Your Stuff and it was so fantastic to get mail!!! I got some great magazines (including BUST a new favourite along with Aussie mag Frankie) and there was even a great local free paper called Cafe which was fantastic since when living in Australia i never paid any attention to free mags but i notice them all here in Tokyo so it was great to see some from other places!!! Also in the package was a handmade bag, stickers, chocolate, spices, postcards, dice lollipops (from VEGAS), some spices and a mix CD (Am also a huge fan of mix cd's and it is already in my ipod under Charlene's Calfifornia Mix).
Charlene went all out finding great stuff from California and surrounding areas, i just hope she enjoys my package as much as i enjoy hers!! Can't wait to receive more in the mail and get ready for the rest of my swaps!!!

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