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Monday, July 31, 2006

North Carolina/Slovakia Swappage Complete

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Juli North Carolina, USA
Swapper2: Eva Slovakia, Europe

Slovakian Glass Gets to the USA Without Breaking.
I received my GYS swap from Eva. She bought me czech glass beads in Prague! Lookie! I think glass beads are so pretty!

Yarn Gets to Slovakia Also Without Breaking.
SOCK YARN!! I am not home, so my brother took this photo. Can´t wait to check the yarn by myself. THANKS Juli a lot. It was great fun :)

Friday, July 28, 2006

USA/Slovakia Swap Complete.

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Ariel Massachusetts, USA
Swapper2: Eva Slovakia, Europe

100% of two cats surveyed prefer sock yarn from Slovakia.In a survey of two American cats today, 100% of cats surveyed preferred Slovakian sock yarn (Sockenwolle Unipo) to American sock yarn (Socks That Rock). This surprising result can perhaps be attributed to the amazing goodies surronding the sock yarn from Slovakia. These extras included candy like toffee, fruit flavored vitamin drops, fruit flavored fizzy candy, and even some beautiful pink star beads.An inside source hinted that the respondants may have been bribed with catnip, but this claim has not been verified.
Thanks to Gimme Your Stuff I arranged a swap for some beautiful sock yarn from Slovakia. Thanks again Eva!

US goodies reach Slovakia.
[We were surprised at the lack of cat,
so thought we'd add one in]
Look what I got from Ariel. This is my first swap and I love it. I got IK summer issue I wanted and plus handspun yarn of her own. I can already see myself knitting a hat for me! Yay :)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

One Red Paperclip Update Deuce

In another One Red Paperclip-esque update, we have three new Gimme Ambassadors who are trading up to bigger and better things.

Our first Brazillian Ambassador, Rodrigo Policarpo of Clipe Azul, is currently offering a Gremio (the team where Ronaldinho started his career) football Jersey signed by the team, Andy Gomez of California has a blue miniature football to trade, while Amber of Ohio is swapping various works of art.

Darksun35, also in California, has some fantastic items to trade on his site, a poker kit, hat, computer monitor and a couple of cars... have a look. (Remember to check back occasionally to see the latest trade items, as they'll be constantly changing!)

In other news, looky left and you'll see our pretty new NeoEarth from NeoWORX. Click on it, tis very cool. We thought we'd trial it for a bit, so let us know what you think. You can get your very own shiny NeoEarth here.

Ok, carry on.

Michigan/Japan Swap Success!

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Mel Michigan, USA
Swapper2: Rachele Japan

World dominating cats have made their way to Michigan.
Rachele sent two craft books I was looking for, and included a package of my husband's all-time favorite snack crackers. I don't *think* I told her that those were his favorites, but they are. They didn't last long enough to get a photo. I've spent the last day and a half planning out the projects I want to make from these books. Since the directions are in Japanese, which I don't read, it's a challenge, but a fun one (the dimensions are given in Arabic numerals, and there are lots of step-by-step pics).

Here are a couple pics of another cat - Cass this time - saying "You've looked at these craft books enough, Mom. Time to pay attention to me!" This is pretty typical of Cass when I'm reading, and these pics weren't staged. At some point, she seems to have decided that the only way to get enough attention was to lay across the books, completely blocking my access. That's okay, I'll read them more at work tomorrow. ;-) I want to add that it was a blast putting together her package, and I'd swap with her again in a heartbeat.

But, thankfully, the cats haven't made it to Japan.
Melissa and I agreed to swap some Japanese craft books (from me) for a travel-sized knitting
needle case and some adorable sushi envelopes. I thought that was a very generous trade on her part already, because she emailed me photos of fabrics and then made the needle case for me using the one I chose!

So imagine how surprised I was to find a package containing not only the needle case and
envelopes, but beaded stitch markers, wool wash, hand lotion, mints, moon pies (all you
Southerners out there know what I mean!), a knitting button, a knitting-friendly loop-less safety pin, a needle inventory chart, and a letter! All beautifully wrapped up. Woo-hoo! It made my day, to say the least!

I hope Melissa lets me know when she wants more Japanese craft books, as I'd love to swap with her again. Be sure to check out her blog and etsy shop!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sweden/San Fransisco Swap Success

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Malin Sweden, Europe
Charlene San Francisco, USA

Japanese stuff from California reaches Sweden. Exclaimation marks ensue.
A great package from Charlene in San Francisco (now I want to go there even more...), containing two kinds of chocolate, two craft books, wasabi peas, a pink lunchbox and a gathering of Hello Kitty things - everything Japanese! This is is my gorgeous (hmmm...) face with a pack of Hello Kitty Cookies and a stick of Pocky chocolate with green tea. I was very happy, and very excited - the Gimme Your Stuff-swap is absolutely great! I really recommend you people trying it. You may not get as nice stuff as this, but I can guarantee it will be something lovely!
You can see more on my blog, http://malinmaskros.blogg.se!
Have a nice day!

San Francisco gets Swedish package. Unfortunately, no mention of ABBA anywhere.
So the Swedish/American swap was a success! Here's what I received from Malin in Sweden. Lots of different things in there. I was so surprised that it all fit in an envelope, and I loved everything. Lots of great Swedish candy, which I shared with my old college friends during a
picnic at our alma mater in the record-breaking California heat this weekend. The chocolate was a success (SO good!). The gummi cars were also a hit, and surprisingly, a couple of my friends really liked the salty licorice (although I can't say I'm a real fan). Next I'll be baking Swedish cookies using the Dalecarlian cookie cutter and the recipes Malin sent me. Malin was a great person to swap with! More here.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Lille France/Texas USA Swap Complete!

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Emma Lille, France
Lori Texas, USA

People in France are all Wearing Hats From Texas.

Lori has thought of everything!
She gave me things to read, things to wash myself with, things to wear... and last but not least, something to throw darts at (at her own suggestion). I was completely spoilt!
Kind regards,

Happiness -- deep in the heart of Texas, a bit of Lille.

Emma's persistence in getting this Texan provisions from Lille was phenomenal -- not just one, but TWO care packages arrived long after we had given the first up for lost. My husband got the canned cassoulet he remembered as the best pork-and-beans ever, I got yummy candy and splendid things to look at -- and Lille looks great among the lantana in a Texas garden! I've been very remiss in not writing sooner, and am grateful for all the goodies!
Thanks so very much,

England/North Carolina Swap Done!

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Alison England, UK
Juli North Carolina, USA

An American lipgloss in England.
My swap arrived from Juli. It's fantastic! I never thought it would happen or me so quickly! The Lip Shimmers as you see are such great shades. It arrived today, together with a pretty kitchen set which is ready to be used when I move house on 7th July, and a cute red crochet hook!
Thank you for such a great site and enabling us all to do this.
See more here.

That crazy cat reaches North Carolina.
Must've got into the box.
Kato kitty had to approve the items for my use, of course. Alison sent me several balls of Indigo thread, a knitting bag, a measuring tape, some yummy English tea, a hank of hand spun yarn, and a t-shirt for my son.
Thank you Alison!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Japan/Portugal Swap Fin-wa.

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Anjali Japan, Asia
Swapper2: Tania Portugal, Europe

Portuguese gossip spreads in Japan.
More Gimme Your Stuff love, this time from Tania in Portugal, who makes all manner of crafty and cute things.

She sent me some fabrics, trims, a Marie Claire and a Marie Claire Idées, delicious and interesting edibles and two green t-shirts. I'm most excited about the brown and turquoise fabric, the world of French crafting and all of the food items, which include a floral tea (makes a yummy sun tea), pumpkin and walnut jam (delectably orange), fennel candy (refreshing) and fancy dark chocolate. I've put the azuki-bean jam and cold barley tea away for a couple days and am enjoying my European food holiday while it lasts.

Portugal is the latest to turn Japanese.
This wonderful package came from Anjali (the swap queen herself ). I sent her a few Portuguese things, and in return this is what I got: Japanese candies (Anjali has a 'Japanese Candy Friday' post every week - go check it out, it's so yummy!), a Japanese crafts magazine and a fashion magazine as well, an assortment of cute fabrics, and this fab old kimono which A. has already claimed for himself.

Shout out to Linkie Winkie

This is our official shout out to http://www.linkiewinkie.com, we at Gimme Your Stuff hope you're having a nice day, and that you'll send us all kinds of your Linkie Winkie friends from around the world to visit us. So, Linkie Winkie, this is for you.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Real Men Have A Canoe.

Well if there were no swaps going on we'd all be in a swap drought, so it's a kinda good thing that there are plenty of swaps going on.

In General Swapping News, you may have seen that Kyle over at One Red Paperclip has succeeded in swapping his red paperclip for a house on Canada. We think that's pretty freaking sweet, and hope that gets you amped for some swapping.

The success of One Red Paperclip has spawned many a similar site, check out our new members Travis, Kevin and Joy from Buckeye Trader, One Blue Paperclip and One Red Pencil respectively. Travis is trading a Garmin Emap GPS, Kevin is trading a Coleman Canoe and Joy is trading one out of print [Canadian?] dollar bill. You can also find them in our Ambassador List. (Keep checking back as the offers constantly change.) What a great chance to rev up the swapping stakes here at Gimme!

Don't forget to get your crazy /interesting/worldly/poignant pics of your swaps emailed to us!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Michigan/California Swap Fin.

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Mel Michigan, USA
Freecia California, USA

Japanese stuff reaches Michigan via California only to be attacked by a normal-sized cat.
My first Gimme Your Stuff package arrived! I mailed mine out Tuesday, and the first one arrived at its destination on Friday. The second one is on its way to Japan, and there is one winging its way to me from there.
This one is from Freecia in Cali. We traded Japanese snacks (actually for John ('cuz I love him)) for a knitting needle case and stitch markers.
This is a pic of one of our cats, Charlie, who LOVES gummy candy. My husband has been sharing the treats Freecia sent with him. I kind of staged this one, but he's really eating one of the orange gummies. The grape flavor has been his favorite so far. The crackers are loooong gone (I think he likes those, too, but hubby didn't share those as far as I know).

Michigan gives good package.
Mel said she "gives good package" and I gotta say she gives Great Package. Check it out!

We've got a custom made Needle Holder (which is what we initially started out with). Then she put in sushi envelopes made just for me. The Magknits sushi kit was a bonus. The gorgeous stitch markers were a total surprise, along with chopsticks and chapstick (perfect combo!) and other knitterly goodies.

Thanks for a fantastic swap Mel! Also, send her some good thoughts and positive energy. She put this entire package together and sent it off while her Dad is in the hospital.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New York/Perth Swap Done and Done.

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Thom Perth, Australia
Swapper2: Lisa New York, USA

The Chocolate Chip Ship sails to Perth.
Like chips across America, these are the days of our lives. Trust the people of the mighty USA to take something terribly unhealthy and gleefully combine it with something equally so! Unfortunately for me (my waistline and my blood pressure) these endeavors generally prove to be painfully enjoyable. In this case it is crinkle cut potato chips dipped in chocolate! OH DEAR! Now I'm in trouble. This, in combination with a bevy of other tempting treats sent from my American friend Lisa, means my heart is sure to fail soon. But what glutinous fun it shall be:)

Vegemite drives New Yorkers to drink.
I received the Australian goodie package from ThomP and loved it! (well, most of it). The Timtams were delicious, the Anzac cookies yummy, the Milo drink mix superb.
As for the Vegemite? um yeah, the Vegemite...
These are actual photos taken with actual quotes from the group that tried the Vegemite this past weekend. We tried to like it. Really!
Great fun.
Check out more pics here.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Japan/Australia GimmeSwap Complete!

Perth is Turning Japanese.
Anjali's Japanese stash has reached me in Osutararia! I love the lollies and banana... things, but am still a little dubious about the fruit parfait flavoured Kit Kats, I don't think there's much Kit Kat in there, it tastes like yoghurt covered sultanas without the sultanas. My favourite bit was the fashion mags, now I'm hanging out even more to get to Japan and meet me some Japanese Goths. As my Japanese card says, 'What you have taste of cake?'
Thanks Anjali!

An Australian Koala in Japan.
Thanks for all the koala candy, the food magazine and the other treats! I don't know yet if I should thank you for the Vegemite snack pack....
Those all-natural gummy koalas were addictive to the point where, even with a gummy-induced stomachache, I couldn't stop eating.

Oregon USA/Japan Swap Finito.

Swedish fish from Oregon reach Japan.
Mariko sent me cute fabrics, a giant bag of dark and delicious Peet's coffee beans and various candies (including the Swedish fish) which immediately made me nostalgic for the USA. Especially the Starburst. I ate them in a movie theater while watching a Hollywood movie, which seemed appropriate. Mariko was really fun to trade with and we are planning a t-shirt swap next.

Oregon dog eats special Japanese mushrooms.
Anjali offered up for swap all manner of things that make my heart go pitter patter. Luckily, she did not catch on that I was a little too freakishly excited about swapping with her and thus agreed to a swap of fabrics, lip balms, and matcha treats.

In just over a week the mailman climbed up our stairs carrying a big blue padded envelope. Matcha sweets, including some delicious matcha yokan, little felt patches spelling out my name, an issue of Cotton Time magazine, and some killer fabrics. But wait, there's more! My mother has a lip balm she got in Japan that has put me in a bit of an obsessive state. It's called Sakura Pink, and though the balm itself is white, it goes on pink. I swear. Magic. I requested this balm from Anjali, and she came through.

This is a photo of my dog sniffing a little matcha and black sesame-flavored biscuit. It's in the shape of a mushroom. These are TASTY.
Check out more pics here.