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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sorry for the delay!

Hi everyone (but not the rest of you) sorry for the delay in joining people up at the moment, we'll be back to usual after the Christmas ka-fuzzle has died down!! Feel free to get swapping and don't worry, we'll get you all added... promise!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

france/california swappage complete

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Sima California, USA
Swapper2: N@thy France, Europe

California to France
I liked too all the beautiful things Sima sent to me, it's a pleasure to make exchanges with her. Thank you very much sima!

France to California
Nathy and I agreed to a second swap almost as soon as we were done with the first. We decided that Christmas themed music from our respective parts of the world would be fun to discover. She ended up sending me an early Christmas! I received a cd, lots of yummy tea to try, Toblerone instant coffee, soups, and the sweetest little felt chicken and ladybird notepad. Wonderful! I couldn't possibly photograph everything, so you're looking at Ptipouic posing with the very last of this year's tomatoes. Thanks again Nathy!

Tags: Gimme Your Stuff, Swap, Exchange, International

singapore/california complete

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Kurogoma Singapore, Asia
Swapper2: Phyllis California, USA

From the US to Singapore

It was truly a great swap with Phyllis. She sent some really funky stationery and postcards, and a lot of delicious goodies. But what I really really love were the many assorted foodie-scented candles which I requested for. The box smelt marvelous upon opening! The swap was a lot of fun and I won't hesitate to swap with Phyllis again!

Singapore sends stuff to the US
Another wonderful swap completed! This time Ivy in Singapore sent a whole bunch of sweets, yarn, children's books, Japanese knitting books, and souvenirs from Singapore, including a snow globe for my daughter's collection. Thank you, Ivy!! We've really been enjoying all the goodies.
Phyllis (dephal)

Tags: Gimme Your Stuff, Swap, Exchange, International

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas Gimme-ites!

No swaps ready to post at the moment, but we wish you all a merry Christmas or other non-religious specific joy, and don't forget to get your pics in to us!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Malaysia/California Done!

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Dreamy Mimi Malaysia, Asia
Phyllis California, USA

California to Malaysia
My very first swap package from Phyllis (Dephal) arrived in good time - we were both surprised!! I loved everything she sent! From my requested Domino mag (she sent me two issues, thanks!!) to craft supplies such as pretty ribbons and paper, boxes of sweets (i dug into the starbursts as soon as i saw them:P), a yummy lip gloss and this really cool Post It notepad with a bird motif which we do not get here just to name a few. Am still taking time to admire them, thanks so much Phyllis - you made my first swap perfect! I think this swap thingy may just get a little addicting- it's so much fun!
Dreamy Mimi

Malaysia to California
I received my package today from Dreamy Mimi in Malaysia. It arrived amazingly quickly, considering it apparently took a side trip courtesy of Homeland Security (who determined that Malay goodies offer no threats to the country, I guess). It was chock full of wonderful things! We've already started gobbling the candy, and I think the coconut cake and the tea are next. She made me some beautiful things, too, and she included lots of helpful notes on everything. Thank you, Amirah!!

Tags: Gimme Your Stuff

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Singapore/England Complete

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Alvina Singapore, Asia
Swapper2: Jean England UK

English stuff to Singapore
I just got a splendid parcel from the mailman today. It is a parcel from Jean in England. What a delight all my favourite Paperchase stationery, lots of chocolates, a gorgeous pendant, and lots more. Jean is a wonderful person to swap with. It was such good fun. Thanks Jean! Looking forward to swapping with you again.
Alvina (Craft Princess)

Singapore sends stuff to England
O what fun this swap was , as it was my first from a different place than USA (how i love the USA and all there lovely things).But what great things i got from Alvina , lovely Hello Kitty pad and little note papers along with some great sweets.And a beautiful pair of blue eyerings were my favourite little package
hidden in amoungst all the other swap stuff. thanks Alvina for a great swap
Jean xx

Tags: Gimme Your Stuff, Swap, Exchange, International

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ohio/England Complete!

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Katherine Ohio, USA
Swapper2: Jean England, UK

American Stuff to England
Another great swap , from another great Gimme Your Stuff person All the way from USA to England , lots of lovely things arrived in a box jam packed.Hostess cakes were grabbed and eaten by my husband who just loves these cakes .Were as Olivia and i shared the candies.There were also two great cooking magazines and some little glass animals , very sweet. So that's me hooked to Gimme Your Stuff swapping, and i have another two going on and another one i am sorting for early next year.
Cheers Jean xx

From England to America
Oh, what fun swapping is. I swap with Jean in England and just knew I'd enjoy everything she sent. On Friday last, the postman rang the doorbell and brought me bliss in a box.
Inside I found the most wonderful goodies. Being a Beatrice Potter fan since childhood, I had requested the Jean send me a plush Beatrice Potter something or other. I opened the package to discover a plush Jemima Puddleduck (my very favorite character) Ty Beanie Baby. Jean tells me it's exclusive to the UK. How exciting! She also sent two BP Postcards, a tiny calendar (how precious), some yummy chocolate, bath products and a beautiful necklace that I've been wearing every day. Ah yes, and a paperback copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I'm a happy swapper, for certain. I hope to swap with Jean again soon!

Tags: Gimme Your Stuff, Swap, Exchange, International

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Portugal/Singapore Done!

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Flor Portugal, Europe
Salvagesistas Singapore, Asia

Singaporean stuff to Portugal
This was my first swap and I'm very happy about it.
Ade, from Singapore, sent me lots of wonderful things.
In the picture you can see one the fridge magnets she
sent me and also some lovely Singaporean fabrics. I
received a lot of other things: an Australian craft
magazine, photos of her and her close family, Indian
poupourri, handmade jewelry, vintage earrings,
traditional Chinese mooncake, Hello Kitty fridge
magnets, and several appetizers that I loved.
Thank you so much Ade, it was great swapping with you
:-) Flor

From Portugal to Singapore
My sister received our package from Flor, when i was out at work that day. Drey opened the package and went wow... wow. I got really excited and wanted to end work quickly to go home. We loved the chocolates and the children's illustration book, it's lovely, loved the illustrations.
Personally, i loved the Portugese souvenir the most, i'm gonna hang it in my living room.The hand knitted scarf is beautiful, but i can't use it in hot hot Singapore. I will use it in my next trip to Perth in June next year. =) Thanks so much Flor, loved everything that you sent. We wanna swap with you again. ;)
Ade (Salvagesistas)

Tags: Gimme Your Stuff, Swap, Exchange, International

Monday, December 18, 2006

Scotland/Thailand Done!

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Clairol Scotland, Europe
Chilliz Thailand, Asia

Thai stuff to Scotland
I just finished a swap with chilliz (Liz) in Thailand and I am the happiest swapper in town!
In my small but perfectly formed package was a great wedge of stickers, including some for my computer keyboard, some San-x things, a postcard, a CD that Liz had made up of some of her favourite tunes (about 10 hours worth!) along with an annotated tracklist, some chewing gum of various flavours, seeds to snack on, some beaded jewellery, a Hello Kitty geisha keychain and... my favourite thing of all swaps ... a fabric covered stuffed monkey! I ADORE the monkey! I collect sock monkeys and Liz, without knowing included this in my package.
Here's the monkey in his new home, pride of place on my desk at work!
Can't wait to swap with Liz again, what a great parcel to have received on a dull day at work!

Scottish stuff to Thailand
I've recently done a swap with Claire (Clairol) in Glasgow, Scotland. It was wonderful! Claire very kindly sent me lots of bathtime treats, some divine vanilla fudge, a little toy monkey, a badge from her online shop........it was so fabulous, and, again, it arrived just in time for my birthday! Much appreciated when I am so far away from home! So, thankyou so much, Claire, and also to GYS for doing this! p.s. The tattoo on my back was a birthday present from my fiance - beautiful, huh? I hope this photo breaks no nudity laws! ;0)

Tags: Gimme Your Stuff, Swap, Exchange, International

Friday, December 15, 2006

Portugal/Canada Teresa Swap Complete!

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Teresa Canada, North America
Teresa Portugal, Europe

Portugal to Canada
I love Portuguese swappers! They've all put together the nicest packages for me! Teresa sent me a great bundle, including great goodies like yarn (which I can't wait to start knitting with!), some very pretty jewellery (2 pairs of earrings and a ring), some bird fabric, some Christmas loose leaf tea from Germany (very yummy!), a rooster magnet and teatowel, a great little cork coaster with the rooster again and a pretty bird tree ornament. Here he is sitting on my Christmas tree. Thanks so much Teresa!

Canada to Portugal
I am not sure if Teresa was thinking of a winter theme or not, but here I am feeling miserable about winter and she sent me a package which really cheered me up with the things I go through in winter: she sent me labello lipbalms in flavours not available here ( am in love with the grape. Really huge rec, that grape labello is marvelous), adorable tissues with a Penguin which i am saving for the holiday season parties, tea, soaps for the scalding hot baths I love in winter, a brooch to cheer up winter coats, extra strong tictacs and a handmade ( by her?) pouch I could just crawl into since it is so cozy. But the star of the package was definitely the bear she made, here he is, poor bear, trying to escape from Canadian winter to unheated Portugal. I will take good care of him, he was already sunning himself in the window today. I am just not quite sure what his name is, ideas? Thank you Teresa!

Tags: Gimme Your Stuff, Swap, Exchange, International

Thursday, December 14, 2006

California/Portugal Complete

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Teresa Portugal, Europe
Swapper2: Sima California, USA

California to Portugal
Sima sent me some gorgeous kimono scraps. I am not sure I will ever dare DO anything to them, I am not worthy, but these are so beautiful to just look and touch and try to imagine how the original garment was like. I just love these. She sent some gorgeous stationery, an adorable handmade dragonfly notebook, a cute soap, pretty beads, yummy lipbalms, and sugar free sour candies in tins, which is just my vice ( tins as well. Love having tins to put things in). I was curious about Sharpie pens, and Sima sent me a dozen, fabulous colors, just hope I am able to control myself about where I try them! And last but not least at all, puppy goodness, a beautiful postcard and a fabulous scarf! Thanks so much again Sima!

Portugal to California
I had a wonderful package from Teresa last week! It was full of Portuguese goodness, including a tea towel, Brazilian Mate tea, dark chocolate (YUM), a beautiful red yarn, buttons, and other wonderful things. The photo is of three excellent postcards she included with yummy sounding Portuguese recipes. I can't wait to try the chocolate & pear cake :)
[Note about the pic: I'm a developer of sorts at a science and technology museum in San Jose, California. My latest project has been this exhibit, View from Space, that uses a projection system to put images of Earth on a giant (5 1/2 feet across) sphere. The system is from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and is pictured showing the Blue Marble image that is so popular. But, it can also show data like last year's hurricane season, a simulation of the Indian Ocean tsunami, and even images of any planet NASA has sent a satellite past! The postcards are leaning up against a kiosk that allows our visitors to choose what they want to look at and even rotate the image. I call it the Master Control Station :)]

Tags: Gimme Your Stuff, Swap, Exchange, International

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ohio/Victoria Completed!

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Katherine Ohio, USA
Swapper2: Melly & Me Victoria, Australia

From Victoria to Ohio
I just had a wonderful swap. I mean to say, it was so generous and personalized, I was nearly in tears. Beautiful. Rosie and Melly made me a fish flossie (their term for the lovely plush they make), and a beautiful linen purse and coin pouch. They also made me some beautiful heart ornaments out of fabric. The whole gift was wrapped neatly in a box with a clasp, and tied in a ribbon. They even sent OTHER goodies, which was completely unexpected. Two packages of Tim Tams( My boyfriend ate 3/4th's of a box last night), Passionfruit TicTacs(Yum!), Chocolate covered Macademia Nuts(Double Yum), and some really cool life savers( although it's the first candy I've ever tasted flavored with musk), Eucalyptus scented candles, Robot postit notes, two adorable erasers, a pencil that is completely flexible( I've been wearing it like a necklace) and a couple of other wonderful treasures! It was amazing trading with these two, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

From Ohio to Victoria
Today we were greeted by a lovely package in the mail from Katherine (Katy) our 2nd swap partner in Ohio, USA. Rosie and I met up for lunch in our favourite bakery and opened the package with so much excitement and anticipation. We were so delighted with our package! We literally squealed when we saw the strawberry milk plush by Heidi Kenney who's work is some of our favourite. Katy also hand made us an octopus amigurumi which is so cute and so clever and lots of delicious chocolate (which was so premium and delicious - yummy!) a cute cosmetics bag as well as some lovely vintage fabric. We love this swap Katy - Thanks so much!!
Melly & Me

Tags: Gimme Your Stuff, Swap, Exchange, International

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

California/Thailand Done!

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Chilliz Thailand, Asia
Phyllis California, USA

California to Thailand
I've done a swap with Dephal in California. Here in Thailand, I got a huge box of things (nicely timed to coincide with my birthday). For me, there was a great magazine, some packets of seasoning mixes for various Tex-Mex dishes, some delicious honey-orange almonds, lots of mini-soaps from Phyllis's recent hotel visit, a handmade necklace.......and for the 60 Thai kids I teach, she also sent funky pencils, real 1970's-style bubble gum with the coolest wrappers, and little plastic frogs that hop when you press their tails down. I had a party with the kids for my birthday, and I gave all 60 of them a pencil, gum and frog combo! They were so delighted! Thankyou, Phyllis, it's been great fun! You have made 60 Thai children very, very happy! And one English woman. :0)

Thailand to California
I received my package today from Liz in Thailand. I can barely get all the goodies into a single picture. She sent me all sorts of just wonderful things--it took me a long time just to unpack the box! Thank you, Liz, for everything!
And thank you, GYS, for making all this possible. I've now completed several swaps with people all over the world (and several more are in progress), and I have never had so much fun with the mail in my life. Not a single swap has disappointed me.

Tags: Gimme Your Stuff

Monday, December 11, 2006

Canada/Portugal Complete!

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Teresa Canada, North America
Flor Portugal, Europe

Portugal to Canada
Flor sent me a wonderful package – it’s Christmas early here! She knew that I like birds, so she sent me a lovely themed package with several birds. I got some great bird-printed fabric, some bird stamps from all over the world (Zambia, Portugal, Angola, Brasil, Belgium), a little penguin with bubble bath in it (and a cow too), 2 different types of chocolate which were readily eaten! Some loose leaf tea, knitting patterns and 2 different types of yarn. She also made me a hat and scarf (very usful right now, it’s getting cold!) It was such a great package of wonderful stuff, I had difficulty choosing what I wanted to photograph. I ended up snapping a pic of the pretty necklace she made for me: bird themed, with a couple of budgies on it!

Canada to Portugal
This was my second swap and it couldn't have been better. Teresa is such a dear, she sent me a lot of things that she knew that I would love: the last issue of Vogue Knitting magazine; this wonderful yarn in one of my favourite colours; a lovely rubber stamp; a book pet bookmark; stickers with cats ;-); a lovely felt pin, very good to use now in the Winter; lots of candies; tea bags; homemade stitch markers; and, finally, this really cute bear that I love and that she made herself. You can see it in the picture already at home between my books. Isn't he lovely? Thanks Teresa for the great package, I hope we can make another swap sometime.

Tags: Gimme Your Stuff, Swap, Exchange, International

Friday, December 08, 2006

Badge Sale!

That's right, kids! for some amount of time only, you can get this neat mini-badge and four of it's friends for the super sale price of US$4.40 + postage. What a fine deal! Why not buy a set to share in your Gimme swaps? You'd be the coolest. Go here for badge goodness!

Singapore/Netherlands Complete!

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Monique Netherlands, Europe
Kurogoma Singapore, Asia

Singapore sends stuff to the Netherlands
Ivy and I have already completed our swap. I received some wonderful fabrics,some lovely craft supplies and an absolutely wonderful knitting magazine! This was just a great swap!

From the Netherlands to Singapore
I swapped with Monique (Netherlands) She was my very first swapper and I was her second I think. so we are both pretty new at it. That was probably why we were a little conservative in our swap. Yet, when I opened my package, lots of good ole European goodness fell out of the bag. Monique stuffed so much chocolate and candies into the envelope, and even included a pouch of cosmetics. It was a great surprise and I felt like a child at Christmas gleefully opening it up. I will try my best to spread my loot over several days. Please wish me luck!

Tags: Gimme Your Stuff, Swap, Exchange, International

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Scotland/Kansas Done

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Clairol Scotland, Europe
Krista Kansas, USA

US stuff to Scotland
My parcel from Krista arrived this morning and was immediately torn open to find greeting cards, gum, candy, cosmetics and a magazine all the way from Kansas! Thanks Krista!

Scottish stuff to Kansas
I was like a little kid on Christmas opening my package from Clairol in Scotland. It smelled so good! The first thing I saw was a beautiful hand made scarf, which I'm wearing in one of the photos. Then I found out what smelled so good inside the package - a scented soap bar. Other items included pamphlets about Scotland, a recipe book, an ornament, coin purse, sticker and candy. Thanks to Claire for such a great swap! I can't wait to wear my new scarf!

Tags: Gimme Your Stuff, Swap, Exchange, International

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

USA/Italy Complete

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Jamie Utah, USA
Swapper2: Evelyn Italy, Europe

From Utah to Europe
When I receive the package I was totally amazed! Jamie sent so many beautiful (and good!) things...Candies, Chocolate, magazines, wool yards, some Hello Kitty stuff, a mug and a toy for my son. Thank you Jamie!

From Italy to the US
Here's what came from Italy: lots of sweets-Budino (pudding), these awesome cookies from a town called Varese called Brutti e Buoni (ugly and good), Galatine-milk candies, Novi milk chocolate bar from Piemonte that my husbnad has been hording. He said today that he's going to have a box shipped from Italy that is full of only this chocolate bar. A sugary candy with almonds called Torrone, some super yummy chocolate cookies called Tartufo, and for the babies, the cutest little soft kitten purse and two of Evelyn's precious handmade bracelets and a brooch for my little 4 year old. She absolutely loves them and we loved getting everything. Thank you Eve! I also loved the little notes attached to everything so I knew what everything was. Very cool.

Tags: Gimme Your Stuff, Swap, Exchange, International

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sweden/Australia Done

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Malin Sweden, Europe
Kwoozy Victoria, Australia

Aussie Stuff arrives in Sweden
From Pei came quite unexpected a package from Australia/Singapore (so soon!). I got some requested candy (limited edition KitKats and FruitRollUps - my new favourite), an owl (part of the owl project), a pink turtle, three kinds of Jap stationary, Cinnamoroll fridge magnets, Hello Kitty tape, Re-ment and more. I asked for some Gothic Lolita Hello Kitty, but it wasn't possible to find, so I got this tape instead, and as you can see, it was very nice. Thanks a lot Pei - you always know how to make a girl happy!

Swedish stuff arrives in Australia

The second package proves again the swiftness of the Swedish post. It arrived so quick from Malin and was also part of the swap for owl #5. Malin shared with me a part of the Swedish Xmas - pretty advent calendar card, Glogg spices, straw goats, cookie cutters. We are so looking forward to making Glogg and the Halmbockar (straw goats) is too adorable! She also made me wonderful things - tote bag; felt owl and dino magnets; moomin pincushion and cards. Oh, and there was a cool owl print card too! It is any wonder that this is our third swap? Thanks Malin!

Tags: Gimme Your Stuff

Monday, December 04, 2006

Japan/kansas complete!

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Krista Kansas, USA
Swapper2: Roo Japan, Asia

From Japan to Kansas
I came home to a bright pink package in my mailbox and was so excited! It included some Hello Kitty stuff (calendar, cups, organizer and forks), postcards, tea, candy, photos and a catalog. The candy looked so yummy that I had to try it before I took my photo. It was like a strawberry sucker on the outside and vanilla wafer on the inside - SO DELICIOUS! Thanks for the great swap!

From Kansas to Japan
I received my package from Krista from Kansas yesterday and what a lovely package it was, everything in the package was great, lovely sweets and photo,cute cokkie cutter! can't wait to use it. My girl got cute sticker and i got good card made by Krista herself, and body wash and magazine. Thanks a lot Krista for this great swap it was a joy to receive such a lovely package!!
she so kind person Thank you wonderful swap!

Tags: Gimme Your Stuff, Swap, Exchange, International