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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Oregon USA/Japan Swap Finito.

Swedish fish from Oregon reach Japan.
Mariko sent me cute fabrics, a giant bag of dark and delicious Peet's coffee beans and various candies (including the Swedish fish) which immediately made me nostalgic for the USA. Especially the Starburst. I ate them in a movie theater while watching a Hollywood movie, which seemed appropriate. Mariko was really fun to trade with and we are planning a t-shirt swap next.

Oregon dog eats special Japanese mushrooms.
Anjali offered up for swap all manner of things that make my heart go pitter patter. Luckily, she did not catch on that I was a little too freakishly excited about swapping with her and thus agreed to a swap of fabrics, lip balms, and matcha treats.

In just over a week the mailman climbed up our stairs carrying a big blue padded envelope. Matcha sweets, including some delicious matcha yokan, little felt patches spelling out my name, an issue of Cotton Time magazine, and some killer fabrics. But wait, there's more! My mother has a lip balm she got in Japan that has put me in a bit of an obsessive state. It's called Sakura Pink, and though the balm itself is white, it goes on pink. I swear. Magic. I requested this balm from Anjali, and she came through.

This is a photo of my dog sniffing a little matcha and black sesame-flavored biscuit. It's in the shape of a mushroom. These are TASTY.
Check out more pics here.


Anonymous benconservato said...

yes, but did the dog eat it?

1:24 pm  
Blogger lisa said...

and what exactly is matcha?

6:05 am  

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