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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

India/Australia Swap Complete!

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Anuja India, Asia
Swapper2: Sidherian Australia, Australasia

Australia sends to India
I did my first swap with Lynne and it was absolutely amazing!! She sent me some lovely TimTams and other local chocolates and I finished them right away. As per my request, she sent me some CDs of Australian aboroginal and other ingenious music (not shown in the snap, as a friend borrowed them right away!). What I really loved was that she sent me a lot fo craft stuff... For a craft buff like me, it was an absolute treasure trove..... craft punches, paper, stencils and what not! And lastly the lovely aboroginal scarf looks great!! Thanks a lot, Lynne. It was great swapping and communicating with you!

India sends to AustraliaI had a great time talking to Anuja about her life studying to be a doctor. We found out we had lots in common (including a love of food) and this made the swap a lot of fun.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Netherlands and Californa Swap

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Sylvie Netherlands, Europe
Swapper2: daydreamdesigner California, USA

California to Netherlands

Sima mailed me about this swap. We had very nice e-mail contact and I really enjoyed putting the package together. The mail was soooooo fast!!! It was great to get a big present by mail. Sima got me really nice things, the only item missing in the picture (I discovered later..) is a My Melody Pez, which Olivia (my 2 year old) snatched already...
Till next time, Sima!

Netherlands to CaliforniaSylvie surprised me with a wonderful Miffy bag! I'm already using it most days. She also thoughtfully included some chocolate sprinkles for toast, licorice, picture postcards, lucky stars, and even a glamor magazine in Dutch! I'm looking forward to our next swap, Sylvie :)

Tags: Gimme Your Stuff, Swap, Exchange, International

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Italy/California Swap

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Phyllis California, USA
Swapper2: Kiarolla Italy, Europe

Italy to CaliforniaKiarolla in Pisa sent me some really cute things! My favorites were the pasta and the snowglobe for my daughter's collection. This was my first Italian swap. Thank you so much, Kiarolla, for making it such fun!

California to Italy
Today my package from Phyllis arrived... When I opened it I didn't believe to what I saw! It's the greatest swap I received and Phyllis is so generous! She knows how to make me happy! I love EVERY SINGLE item. Phyllis...you really make my day! I'm so happy and I'm showing to everybody what you sent to me.

Tags: Gimme Your Stuff, Swap, Exchange, International

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pennsylvania/Italy swap

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Lola Pennsylvania, USA
Swapper2: vi0letta Italy, Europe

Pennsylvania to Italy
Here's what I received from Lola! Lipglosses, (I'd like to eat them!) Two little animals who can "grow" by placing in water (they are growing!!), Lovely kitty tissues, a magnet with a cat, a lollipop, a beautiful book about cats (I'm in love with this book I can't stop reading it!), a beautiful pair of socks (the colours I love!) and two little pillows (with catnip inside!) for my 2 cats (my cats are in love with it!). I'm really happy with this swap, Thank you Lola!

Italy to PennsylvaniaI was so excited when Violetta contacted me for my first swap! Violetta sent me lots of lovely gifts from Italy, including a beautiful book about Tuscany, delicious candies, and pretty stationery supplies. We exchanged lots of e-mails and discovered that we are both "cat people," so our swap items included kitty gifts, too. My cats will love playing with the mouse and eating the cat food that Violetta's cats can't get enough of. Thank you so much! I'd be happy to do an exchange with you again any time!

Tags: Gimme Your Stuff, Swap, Exchange, International

Monday, May 07, 2007

France/China Swap Completed

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Swany France, Europe
Swapper2: blabberingJo China, Asia

China to FranceHere's what I received from Jo, cutes stationnery (especially the croc pen, I loveit), Jack cellphone strap, socks, cute earrings, tea infuser,etc... I love everysingle thing she sent me, and the chocolates tasted really good ! thanks a lot ! (I used the pic you took Jo, because I don't have my camera ^^)

France to ChinaWhen Caro contacted me, I really couldnt resist doing this swap! She does illustration, and has a really beautiful blog. I love it so much! So I was really looking forward to our swap! Although the planning started in Feb, as I was out of town, we agreed to mail out the package as soon as I got
back in late-March. When we both finally received it, it was April already! All the months of aniticipation was driving me crazy! Here's the stuff she sent! I like the cute vase! Thanks, Caro!

Tags: Gimme Your Stuff, Swap, Exchange, International

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Swap Details:
Swapper1: Phyllis California, USA
Swapper2: Cibele Brazil, South America

Brazil to California
Cibele sent so many wonderful things. To name just a few: yarn, tea towels, stickers, and earrings, all in the Brazilian national colors. I love the Brazilian flag, BTW, and I kinda dig the national motto, which is "order and progress." There are Portuguese dictionaries, which is great--a lot of people around here are from the Azores, and I've been wanting to pick up a bit of the language. Oh, and just so much more, including a bunch of snacks not pictured here, and snow globes that Thing 1 had already whisked away when I took the pic.

California to Brazil
I have received an amazing box of goodies from my sweet friend Phyllis.
She sent me candies, lots of touristic brochures, postcards, a embroidering kit, a crochet magazine, knick-knacks, a candle, etc... Everything awsome!!!

Tags: Gimme Your Stuff, Swap, Exchange, International

Friday, May 04, 2007

England/Italy Completed

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Jean UK, Europe
Swapper2: 22valevale88 Italy, Europe

Italy to England
What a great swap this was , some of my "now" all time favourite sweets in this goodie bag , we had decided to do just a candy/chocolate swap and it was FAB. Love the little black bag that was hand knit that came with the parcel Want to do a candy swap then swap with me !!!!!!!
jean x

England to ItalyIt took a bit longer than I expect, but finally it arrived! A lot of chocolate and candy are now with me!! Yummy! I love the card that Jean made, it's wonderful :) Thanks for swapping!

Tags: Gimme Your Stuff, Swap, Exchange, International