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Saturday, September 15, 2007

California and Singapore

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Xaynie California, USA
Swapper2: Clover Singapore, Asia

Singapore sends to California

The theme we both chose was that it had to be half handmade or personalized. So with this, Anna went out and researched about cosplay (one of my favorite hobbies) and made me this cute little album that has cosplay pictures in it! She also made me some earrings and sent pictures of herself with her dog in my package! It was so cute! I had a lot of fun for my first swap and everything she got me I absolutely adore. Thank you Anna!

p.s. I couldn't wait to wear the arm warmers and put them on, even though it was 91 degrees over here. ^_^


California sends to SingaporeThanh is my 3rd swap partner and she's really crafty! look at all the stuff she has packed for me especially all those accessories (especially earrings which i love!!) which are mostly handmade by her including those cute chocolate flowers! love all the other stuff (Magazines, cute stationery, guide book, hairbands etc) she has chosen for me from the list of stuff I have listed in my blog. She has also included lotsa great pictures of herself, her friends and family and I especially like those of her in cosplay!

Thanh is really a thoughtful swapper and it was a great experience swapping with her! Thanks a million Thanh! v(^_^)v

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

England and Bulgaria Swap

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Carmen England, Europe
Swapper2: Magdalena Bulgaria, Europe

Bulgaria to England
I really enjoyed picking things for maggie and the whole concept was really exciting to me especially this was my first swap. She sent me lots of lovely things and i really liked the jewelery box! Thanks Maggie!!!

England to BulgariaI've had so much fun swapping with Cars!She chose some wonderful things to send - a vintage brooch,some Shephard's pie fix(it tastes absolutely delicious!),gorgeous London postcards,a new edition of the Look magazine and millions of other things!
Thank you so much, Cars for being such a great swapper!!!

Tags: Gimme Your Stuff, Swap, Exchange, International

Monday, September 10, 2007

Singapore and Vermont Swap

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Randi Vermont, USA
Swapper2: Clover Singapore, Asia

Singapore to Vermont
I swapped with Anna from Singapore - she sent some great stuff! She makes jewelry and made me a beautiful anklet and some wonderful earrings! I LOVE the tissue box cover, and all of the snacks are awesome! This was my first swap and I'm already set up for another - this website is awesome!


Vermont to Singaporeyeah~~ received my package from Randi from Vermont (home of the simpsons)! it was huge! packed with lotsa candies and sweet smelling candles, body butter, bath fizz, postcards, magazine (which i love), jewlry set, the famous maple syrup she promised and the absolutely cute mountain dew flavoured lip gloss which i can wait to try out! vermont looks absolutely gorgeous in the postcards, all those nature just at her doorstep. so envious! wished my neighbourhood was like that instead!thanks Randi!

Tags: Gimme Your Stuff, Swap, Exchange, International

Saturday, September 01, 2007

England and Sweden Swap

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Malin Sweden, Europe
Swapper2: Iris England, Europe

British perfection in a box
I just got my package from Iris in England, and it definately was a pick of England´s finest! Lovely powder blue fabric with flowers (very British, I think), multicoloured sockyarn in silk/merino, in all of my favourite colours, a copy of Rowan magazine (my first!), some chocolate, candles (hey, I live in Sweden, we worship candles over here), a book on tea... Everything was so lovely, and so perfect. Thank you so much, Iris, I really enjoyed swapping with you.

Swap love in England
Malin is a fantastic person to swap with. She is so interesting and so kind, and I really enjoyed our email exchanges before the swap. The parcel that she sent me is just amazing. I absolutely adore the handmade bag she sent me, and the fabric is just great. She was right about every single item she sent in that parcel - I love everything about it. There were some more things, namely some yummy chocolate and some rosehip soup and almond biscuits but they were eaten before I could take the picture!! Thank you so much for this fabulous swap Malin. Hope it won't be our last!

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