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Friday, July 20, 2007

Italy & England swap

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Kiarolla Italy, Europe
Swapper2: Jean England, Europe

England to Italy

Jean was so kind with me, she sent me a lot of things and I'm so happy to complete one swap with her. She choose for me some beautiful thing...like the monkey-bag *.* I'm totally fall in love with it! Jean...thank you so much for this swap! I appreciated all the items!


Italy to England
Pasta from Italy, the real stuff. As well as loving pasta and getting a wonderful packet in this swap, i was also lucky enough to get more great sweets from Italy also. How i love swapping with you Itallians. I enjoyed the pasta and as you can see so did Olivia. Thanks for all the items. Thanks for a great swap Chiara


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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

China swaps with Italy

Swap Details:
Swapper1: blabberingJo China, Asia
Swapper2: Kiarolla Italy, Europe

Italy to China
When Chiara (aka Kiarolla) contacted me, I was already planning another swap for June. But I agreed to do a swap with her nevertheless. She liked some of the things I had sent to my previous swap partners, so it was pretty specific and easy for me). Besides, I liked the idea of a 'Little Swap'! We agreed on 6 items. Here's what she sent me: a pastel straw bag, recycled-paper notebook, tea bags, pink pearl necklace, glitter hairband, and a wall memo/hanger.
Thanks for everything!


China to Italy
Joh is a good person and it was funny to do a swap with her^_- We decided to do a little swap just because we've other swaps=P She choose very beautiful things for me! First of all I like the HK's bag! It's so cute! but I appreciate also the decotapes (these 2 are my first ones)! Thank you so much for swapping with me and make my daY!


Tags: Gimme Your Stuff, Swap, Exchange, International

Monday, July 02, 2007

Singapore and Italy swap

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Mama Singapore, Asia
Swapper2: Nena Italy, Europe

Italy to Singapore

This is the photo of my swap with Nena of Italy. She sent me loads of goodies with rabbits on it. Cuterabbit fabric, iron ons, brochures and also socks andmost special of all, she painstakingly wrote down her grandma's traditional recipes on a notebook for me!!She also sent some of the ingredients for me to try them out!! I have tried the ragu sauce and it was great!! She was so sweet she also got some snacks formy rabbit. It was a great swap!!
Stella (mama)

Singapore to Italy
My first swap was with Mama, from Singapore. We both loved rabbits, soI decided that she was perfect to swap with! She collected a hugenumber of cute things for me, in the pic you can see: an utensile tocut perfect slices of vegetables; different flavours pockys; cutestationary about kuromi, usahana and my melody, my favourite sanriocharacters! kitty mini bento and sauce containers, candies, a thermalbag for bento box, her bunnies pictures (lovely!!), instant noodles,and a postcard from Singapore.She gave me everything I desired, my biggest passions and lovely things!And we found out we have many things in common, I love having a friendfrom the other side of the world!Thank you so much, Stella, Stew and Morticia!


Tags: Gimme Your Stuff, Swap, Exchange, International