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Friday, April 13, 2007

Italy/Spain swap completed

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Kiarolla Italy, Europe
Swapper2: Itziar Spain, Europe

Spain to Italy
This I received from Itziar was my first swap and it was incredible! I like so much everything she sent to me, especially the Hello Kitty’s
lipgloss and gel, the little mirror and the accessories with polka dots! It was so funny and the chocolate was (yes…I still ate it!!) good! I like swapping with you, Itziar!
Italy to Spain
This has been my first swap with Italy and Kiarolla was such a fun toswap with!! I received a bunch of coloured goodies my teddy bear Tita hurried to make hers... There you have her: clips on one ear, an earring on the other (you can see the second earring just on top of the fun slip Tita didn't wear cause she's such a discrete bear). The little tube under her left arm is a tinietiny lipgloss and what you see in her other hand is a beautiful icecream earring Kiarolla made for me :o). What else? Shampoo ('love the stuff), pencil and rubber to match and the nicest letter ever. Thank you so much Kiarolla! I really apreciate the effort you put in the swap.

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