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Monday, March 12, 2007

Sweden/California Completed

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Malin Sweden, Europe
Swapper2: Charlene California, USA

California to Sweden
I got three bento boxes (!), chocolate mushrooms and pine cones (or is it bamboo shoots?), Cram Cream washclothes (two of them!) and deco tape, another deco tape, diy magazine, Hello Kitty stationary, pen and notebook, pink stationary... It was so many nice things, you wouldn´t believe it! Thanks Char!

Sweden to California
My second swap with Malin was AWESOME! There were some beads (marine themed), Cram Creme (cute dish and bag!), Nici (stationary and a keychain), kinder eggs (Yum and fun!), and other Swedish candy. I'm loving everything! As you can see, awesome package again! Thanks so much Malin!

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Blogger Niol said...

Adorable swap. x3

4:40 pm  
Anonymous malin said...

Hey - adorable is our middle names!

7:37 pm  

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