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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Swap Details:
Swapper1: blabberingJo China, Asia
Jean England, UK

From China to England
Hello Kitty and a hello from China awaited me when i arrived home to find a wonderful box packed full of goodies . First time of swapping with someone in China and i had no idea of what to expect, but WOW great things. A fab pair of slippers which are going to live in my caravan for
when we have our weekends away, so they will get well worn. Lovely Hello Kitty bag for Olivia and other cute stuff that she just loved. Thanks for a great swap

From England to China
This is my FIRST swap, and all the excitement & anticipation was well worth it! The reversed pizza packaging that it came in was so environmental-friendly & creative! What's inside is more amazing -chocolate bars, hot choc mix, shepherd's pie mix & a GOLD COIN; Marks & Spencer bath smoothie & lip shimmer; NeuLook tshirt & victorian necklace,; photos, postcard, handmade fan card & fan-booklet for writing down birthdays (she's a genius with her hands!); Paperchase frog memo clip, cat zipper/charm, pins, bookmark & magnet set! I love everything especially the cute lil' magnets!
Thanks so much Jean for this GREAT SWAP! ;)

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