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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

oregon us/portugal swap complete!

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Mariko Oregon, USA
Tania Portugal, Europe

Portuguese Stuff arrives in Oregon
Hey gang! Sorry this has taken FOREVER. Tania Ho in Portugal and I recently completed a swap. She sent me so much good stuff that I was embarrassed by what I sent her! I sent her a second package because I didn't want her to feel burned. Anyway, she sent me several very cool t-shirts, including the one in the photo. You can't tell, but it is fuzzy on the inside, so it is very cozy and warm. She also sent magazines, candy, a ton of lip balms, fabric, slipper sox, well, it was like a bottomless pit of goodness, and I was the lucky, lucky recipient. Woohoo!

US stuff arrives in Portugal

The lovely and talented Mariko really spoiled me with her packages. She sent me the cutest fabrics, loads of candies, yummy dark chocolate (yes, it's half gone already .. what can I say ? we love dark chocolate), a fantastic knitting magazine, goodies from her recent trip to Japan and not one but three lipglosses that I'm planning to use all winter long (hershey's chocolate, burt's bees raspberry and japanese cherry ... humm, all so delicious).

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Blogger Rrramone said...

Love that t-shirt! :-) Rikki, since my homeless sign hasn't gotten much action, what do you think about me offering a drawing of the swappee? I could link to some other sample portraits and it could definitely contain some relevant elements. :-) Email me your thoughts!

2:47 am  

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