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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Oregon/Japan Send some interesting pics!

Swap Details:
Swapper1:Anjali Japan, Asia
Mariko Oregon, USA

From Oregon to Japan!
Soon after Mariko and I decided to have a t-shirt swap, I realized I already have way to many t-shirts and not enough cute bottoms to wear them with. Having seen and envied the seemingly billions of Japanese-pattern skirts Mariko has made, I asked if she's be willing to make me a skirt in exchange for some t-shirts. This skirt, to be exact. Happily, she said yes, and last week her package arrived, containing my new and amazing skirt.
Also included in the package were a vast array of American treats, not all of which are pictured here because I polished them off while watching X-Men 3 at my local movie theater. If there's anything better than sour Mike & Ikes at the movies, I'd like to know about it.
But the most thoughtful part of the package was this pair of earrings she made for me, which are supposed to look like Cubyrop! They match the skirt and do look very edible, I think. Hooray!You can see what I sent Mariko here. And while you're at it, check out Mariko and Kelly's cute-Japanese-craft-supplies shop, Superbuzzy!

From Japan to Oregon
I was really excited to get a big blue package from swap queen extraordinaire ANJALI. Seriously, she should go into business as a professional swapper, because she has a sixth sense about what swap recipients want. It's a little spooky. So anyway, of course Anjali sent some candy, some black sesame-flavored Pocky and yogurt- and pineapple-flavored chews. Yum. I also requested another pink lip balm. Apparently there are two types of this lip balm--one that is a light pink and one that is a deeper pink. Anjali sent me the light pink one last time, so I was curious about the deeper pink one. It is incredible! I am totally sold on the deep pink one. She also sent another lip balm that is "shiny pink-beige".
But the piece de resistance? This swap was about T-shirts, my friends, and not just any old T-shirts! Japanese T-shirts! I want to wear the heck out of these T-shirts, but today was the last 80 degree day in Portland, maybe until next summer! I was even too cold to wear one today. Tomorrow the clouds and rain move in, and I can't go around thrusting my T-shirt designs into people's faces! But yes, I can layer. Maybe I should go look for some of those "layering tees" or "tissue tees" or whatever those things are called?

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