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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Japan/New Jersey Secret Swap Finished

Swap Details:
Swapper1: Sera New Jersey, USA
Swapper2: Anonymous Japan, Asia

Japanese stuff brings out novel writers in New Jersey.
My whole swap was started by my yearnings for Japanese Kitkats, wagashi (traditional Japanese desserts), and other random Japanese food stuffs I couldn't find in the States. I had lived in Japan for a short while and I had developed a taste and a weakness for these
unique foods. Likewise, my friend in Japan was yearning for some *good* dark/bittersweet chocolate, especially since it's such a hard thing to find in Japan (which is ironic, since it's just BOOMING here in the States). When my friend offered to send me a Japanese Kitkat since I missed them so much, I proposed a trade. I felt bad just accepting this goldmine of a treat without giving something back!

We each sent lists and ideas to each other about what sorts of candies/chocolate we'd each like to recieve. It was a lot of fun shopping and deciding what to send. I finished off my package with a hand drawn and painted "thank you" card and promptly sent off the goodies. Our timing was in perfect sync with each other, as we had (unknowingly) mailed our swap packages on the same day. So a very anxious seven days later my box arrived:
My heart was racing with excitement upon opening the box. Inside were the most wonderful tasty treasures wrapped in a beautiful furoshiki cloth! I was sent 3 different kinds of Japanese KitKats, including two of the Azuki bean flavor because I am just in *love* with azuki beans
and anko! Among the wagashi included were Kokeshi Doll cookies, different kinds of Yokan (anko bean paste jelly), Monaka (wafer sandwich with anko inside), green tea, and last but not least, Konnyaku Fruit Strips! I used to LIVE off these things when I was in Japan! I've missed them so!
To say my friend sent me good stuff is quite the understatment, no? A word of caution though, chocolate doesn't ship too well in hot weather! Oops! It was still yummy though! :D Candy from the other side of the world is nothing short of a magical commodity. It's great that a place like this site exists, so that everyone can experience such magic!

Secretive Japanese society receives New Jersey offering.
For some unknown and I'm sure highly cool CIA-style reason, this person cannot comment or allow his/her identity to be known. Cool!


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