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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Texas & England Share the Lurve.

In England, dogs can read.

Two of our most discerning dogs (the other being a labrador who will eat anything) check out the latest parcel in the cultural exchange swap. Although somewhat concerned by the lack of official dog food, they consulted the texan recipe book and reckon that we ought to be able to provide a pretty good meal for them with the amazing collection of chilli sauces, meat rubs, marinades and jellies, just so long as we add a hefty amount of steak. They struggled a little with the newspapers as the flavour wasn't quite to their taste but the texan dictionary was brilliant and they now reckon they can chat up cheeky little texan canines with no trouble at all LOL!

A huge thank you to Lori for the most amazing parcel, it was like Mary Poppins' carpet bag ...... it just went on and on! As serious BBQers the sauces etc are very very welcome, in fact the other half fell upon them like a dying man in the desert on seeing an oasis!!


A low profile while studying up on World Cup doings!

Gillie, a new friend of GimmeYourStuff, responded to a Texan's request for Things From England with a stylin' lil' hat, a t-shirt that leaves No Doubt as to where the shirt originated, a family pic (lovely family, I might add), some fine local reading material and...best of all...HOME-MADE strawberry jam! MMmmmm!!! This Texan is feeling veddy veddy English in her new togs, and hopes her new friend over the pond is having as much fun as she.



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