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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Somewhere In Perth, Western Australia...

There's nothing to make yourself feel superior than a bit of FRENCH SUGAR BABY! (oh yeah) Je peux sentir cet amour français de sucre dans mon ventre!!! So good I can FEEL my teeth rot. So authentic I can almost feel the lice in my powdered wig!

There was unfortunately a lack of 'salted candy frog' in the package I received, so that shall remain a flavour enigma to me. Come the day of the revolution I shall die knowing that I have lived and spit my rotten teeth at the peasants just before the guillotine ends my days.

Tout le monde devrait commercer avec le Français. Ils sentent le mauvais, mais ils ont la sucrerie qui vous tuera

Viva le Dentist

Meanwhile (thousands of miles away) in Lille, France...

Now the sun has come out, our little kooka friend is sitting on his new balcony in Lille, missing the sound of his bird mates... so as he enjoys the sun, he pretends he is not sitting in the middle of a city with hardly any trees, closes his eyes... and VOILA! He is transported back to his beautiful home. He opens his throat to sing along... GIMME YOUR STUFF has transported this fuzzy australian, pushbutton noise maker to an idyllic urban French scene. He says "g'day", and they say "Pourquoi cet oiseau de jouet me parle-t-il ?"



Anonymous benconservato said...

More rotting goodness in the post today for you thomp... finally had time to get in the revolutionary style queuing system that the frogs practice. There is something is there much better than salted frog, all the better to die with added colours and flavours. Wave your flag petit oiseaux, ils nous

12:54 am  

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