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Friday, May 19, 2006

Texas/New Jersey GimmeSwap Complete!

Texan Joy Reaches New Jersey!

"A lament for the sad state of food affairs in NJ yields surprising results yesterday:

- Two jars of Stubb's barbeque sauce
- One bottle of Chipotle sauce
- A Texas cookbook
- A likewise local paper, no Britney pics but like Gloria Gaynor, I will survive
- Chocolate from down under, not Aussie down under mind you, but American 'down under'
- And, last but not least, African religious soap. I said African, people.

I am now grilling, reading, washing AND praying as we speak."

Bill G./Makethelogobigger

Austin Gets Fun and Delicious Stuff!

"A wonderfully generous soul in Northern New Jersey kindly responded to an Austin Texas cry in the wilderness for an infusion of East Coast 'tude and treats.

What filled the Texas recipient with happy surprise delight?
Minty fudge!
Lots of yummy biscotti!
Tawdry and great New Yawk tabloid newspapers!

And best of all...(parents, please make sure your children are not viewing):
An anonymous East Coast Jets fan's "salute" to Dallas Cowboys fans!!!

Now THAT'S what I call a GimmeSwap!"



Blogger Rikki said...

I think you mean a GimmeSwap™

2:55 pm  
Blogger Rikki said...

Hey Lori, you got the Britney paper!

2:58 pm  
Blogger Lori Witzel said...

Darn, forgot to use the Proper Brand Mark...


BTW, I may be seeing rrrrramone this weekend, and if I do, will share Milo. Everybody must try Milo.

7:53 am  
Blogger Make the logo bigger said...

Hey rikki, NJ-Austin officially complete! Check your email for pics.

I now have my Texas food schwag. I probably did the whole thing back asswards by not posting first, sorry. But it was the lure of real barbecue sauce that got to me.

And after tonight's near mishap, I predict that Britney paper will be a collector's edition: it'll be the last time she's photographed with her baby before youth services takes him away from her.

And the fella in the picture is Brooklyn representin' - his nicname is in fact, ‘The Gooch.’

11:56 am  
Blogger Lori Witzel said...

One fresh comment...mmmmmmmm, biscotti.

10:22 pm  
Blogger Rikki said...

So Bill, how does it all taste?
Give us the update!

12:24 pm  
Blogger Make the logo bigger said...

Had the Chiptole sauce this past weekend along with the chocolate. Awesome.

Barbecue is marinating as we speak for upcoming memorial Day weekend. (For the benefit of the Aussies that's the day we honor all who died serving in the military.)

And I plan to swear a lot at the US National Soccer Team in their final prep match this weekend, so I’ll use the baby Jesus soap to wash my mouth out with.


1:57 am  
Blogger Make the logo bigger said...

I should also mention I sent an electronic care package in the form of links of NYC (and regional) restaurants that overnight food anywhere. (Pizza, lobster, bagels, etc.) Also included links to live NYC webcams, for that warm toasty, 'Gooch' feeling.

2:02 am  
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